Olga Wunderlich interviews people involved with art, and art-related politics in Second Life. The interviews have been slightly corrected for grammar, better reading and understanding. I hope you will get interesting infos and inspiration for your own actvities in Second Life.

"Zombie Attack! 28 Avatars Later" - SF performance

After our Interview, Great Escape from the performance group Second Front invited me to join in into their next big performance. - Hard stuff, as I not only knew a bit of what was coming up, but it also was starting at 4:00 am my time. I joined in, half asleep, but then everything happened so rappidely and it was, yes, fun, that I had two hours of "dancing", following teleports and meeting people under weird circumstances. I also found it quite impressive, how easily I started to fit into the role and was looking very differently at normal avatars.
But here is a collection of my images:

The peformance started off at the "Stuff on Pikes" graveyard, I was just teleported there, so I did not know where I was. I would otherwise possibly have made some pictures of the graves. When I arrived I was given a "teddy bear" and a skin to wear. If you look on the SF blog entry about the performance, you will see images of my transformation. Wearing those made me "affected". I started to dance, and bite into others and objects around me. I also made a terrible sound: "Oh my god! Oh my god!"
On the upper left there is Gazira Babeli, on the other images friends of SF, who have already been affected. The affected girl on the left seemed to run away, when I was taking the picture.

The girl with the green skin seemed to be the owner of the graveyard, and she happily joined in into the dance of the dead, her green skin prevented her from showing rotten flesh, as we believe. Then we moved to a Zombie cellar, where we practiced our zombie dance. When I stepped one floor deeper down, I suddenly was surrounded by more zombies, who did not belong to the group. Luckily I was teleported out and we met at New Paris to dance our dead dance on the Eiffel Tower.

In New Paris it was much fun, and I found several people to dance with, one of which was Tea Chenille, in the smooth summer night. Before we left, it started to rain brains. We missed the stop at the public sandbox and were directly teleported to an Irish pub, where people seemed to have much fun about our appearance. Then, the group decided to go to Rausch's Combat Sim, where the group had already done a performance some time ago. There, I met a strange guy, who seemed to be amused and started to talk to him, while he was trying out some strange weapon made out of semi-transparent objects, which killed us, the already dead and sent us "back home". Funnily, after he also had killed me, he asked me to come back, and was disappointed when I came alone. I guess he wanted to try out a much larger weapon. I had a good laugh and stated, that his humor was not very different to our humor. But he resisted and did not take on my offer for a kiss.
I tried to call for being teleported to join the others, but at that point the performance was already over. I only heard, that the group possibly brought the Sim where they were last to crash. - Many thanks top Great Escape and Gazira Babeli, and all others for having me with them and joining into the performance.

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