Olga Wunderlich interviews people involved with art, and art-related politics in Second Life. The interviews have been slightly corrected for grammar, better reading and understanding. I hope you will get interesting infos and inspiration for your own actvities in Second Life.

Art Show at FLEUR DE LYS

Olga Wunderlich and Anderson Philbin
kindly invite you to the opening of Fleur de Lys.

Thursday, 5 April
2 pm PDT - 23:00 European Time
opening gala
at Kali Commercial (136, 47, 22)

fleur de lys logo
the new mall on Kali
will soon offer you exquisite garments and extraordinary goods.
Combined with an interesting view on newest art of Second Life artists.

For this opening gala, we open our new space to artists.
Please come to see works by
Aristide Zabelin
Catriona deCuir
Geyl Fapp
Sniffer Zemlja

Come and be delighted by a wonderful dance presentation
showing silks by Avana'she
and led by Patty Cortes.

Mall Management: Anderson Philbin, Olga Wunderlich
Art Director: Olga Wunderlich
Art Management: Patty Cortes

We hope to see you there,
Olga and Anderson

3 am PDT - 12:00 noon
Thursday, 3 April 2007

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Modern Dance Theatre SL and RL performance

Interview with Epletre Asp, member of MDT, Modern Dance Theatre group. We are talking about the MDT performance on Friday, 9 March 2007, simultaneously in SL, at The Office and in Stockholm. The event was shown in both places, as streaming in SL and projection from computers in Stockholm. We were meeting on the following Monday at The Office. All images taken and copyright by Olga Wunderlich.

[6:37] Olga: I see you in performance outfit! Very nice!
[6:38] E. Asp: I still did not get changed since Friday.
[6:38] Olga: Ohh! Stay like that I might take another picture! I like the red eyes!
[6:45] Olga: I would like to safe our conversation, but I might edit and shorten it a bit.
[6:45] E. Asp: no problem
[6:46] Olga: Would you tell me, what you found most interesting with my first interview?
[6:47] E. Asp: Your discussion on how to use SL and the concern of rights, copyrights, freedom and ownership.
[6:47] Olga: Is that something, you are concerned in your work as well?
[6:48] E. Asp: Maybe. I see SL mostly as an open source, and I am interested in the fact that everybody can do what ever he or she like.
[6:48] E. Asp: I mean, for our performance we did not create any dances ourselves...
[6:49] E. Asp: we put together a list of different dances made by others, and some that we borrowed that were made by real life dancers and motion capture.
[6:49] Olga: The dances were practicably ready-mades...?
[6:50] E. Asp: Yes, apart from those made by motion capture.
[6:50] Olga: Who was doing those for you?
[6:52] E. Asp: They were made by two choreographers in a project called The Adventure for Impulztanze in Vienna the summer 2006.
[6:53] E. Asp: The choreographers are called Marie Claire Forte and Christina Vassiliou
[6:53] Olga: Ah, great!
[6:50] E. Asp: Or, they were made already as well, but not originally in SL.
[6:52] E. Asp: They were partly made by real dancers dancing with a motion capture detector attached to their bodies, and then transformed into 3D.
[6:51] Olga: Can you bring in any 3-D character animation into SL?
[6:53] E. Asp: I don't really know how it is done
[6:53] Olga: Motion capture is still an expensive technology, if you don't collaborate with an institute, I guess.
[6:54] E. Asp: Yes, one needs to have the right equipment
[6:54] E. Asp: We got a special deal and were able to borrow the moves from Kapital Metropolitan, she was a part in that project in Vienna.
[6:54] Olga: The basic group of MDT is three people, am I right?
[6:55] E. Asp: Now we are four!
[6:55] Olga: Who are the people involved?
[6:55] E. Asp: that is Cardinal Krams, Kim Lukas and Famous Zhichao, and me.
[6:55] E. Asp: Famous did the scripted scenes.
[6:56] Olga: And Famous Zhichao just joined for the new performance last week?
[6:56] E. Asp: Yes, but now we work all together as one team.
[6:57] E. Asp: Also, we are invited to do a project at Steirischer Herbst cultural festival in September this year
[6:57] E. Asp: ...so we will continue to work on this project.
[6:57] Olga: Wow that is great! Congratulations! - Are you still students?
[6:57] E. Asp: Thank you! :-) Yes, we are all still students.
[6:58] Olga: Do you see any professional use for what you are doing as MDT?
[6:58] Olga: After finishing studies?
[6:58] E. Asp: I think, it is really great as a tool to get in touch with people and create contacts
[6:59] E. Asp: ...and it is great as a way of discussing space and architecture.
[6:59] Olga: Mmh! I understand, yes, this is also what interested me about your project!
[7:00] Olga: Do you do any link with life performance in RL? I could not make out any performer on the screen from RL.
[7:01] E. Asp: Not this time. We wanted to question the role of the audience, and make the audience into a performer as well
[7:01] Olga: The audience in the exhibition space?
[7:01] E. Asp: Yes...
[7:02] E. Asp: ...but, the Swedes are a bit shy, so it took very long before people started to walk between the screens.
[7:02] Olga: Did you give them any instructions for movements?
[7:02] E. Asp: No, we wanted them to move around freely.
[7:03] Olga: Well, I felt that they were caught in their shyness and traditional role of exhibition visitors. In my opinion.
[7:03] E. Asp: Yes, I think you are right about that.
[7:03] E. Asp: It was very nice, when some children came, they started to dance with the avatars immediately!
[7:03] E. Asp: ...and were very amused to see their own shadows on the screens with the avatars.
[7:04] Olga: Yes, children are great in that regard!
[7:04] E. Asp: :-)
[7:04] E. Asp: I think for a further development of the project, we would like to work with RL performers as well!
[7:04] Olga: How many streams did you have in SL?
[7:05] E. Asp: We had two, one for video and one for music.
[7:05] E. Asp: It was really sad that some of the audience were not able to see the stream.
[7:06] E. Asp: Oh, and from time to time, we had streams on the stage walls.
[7:05] Olga: Interesting, I thought the two screens were different.
[7:06] Olga: Did you use any other technique for the projection then just a view of an avatar for the RL screens?
[7:07] E. Asp: We had fixed cameras for the four screens in RL. So there were four streams from SL to RL
[7:07] E. Asp: ...and then a lot of computers standing in the room, allowing the audience to see different views as well.
[7:07] Olga: Are you using the Quicktime Movie capture features of SL for that?
[7:08] E. Asp: Not for the projections in RL. We just fixed projectors to the computers.
[7:08] Olga: Okay, interesting.
[7:09] Olga: And was there another temporary stream on the sidewall, or was it the same image?
[7:09] E. Asp: on the sidewalls it was the same image, but we had to remove it because it really made everything lag.
[7:10] Olga: Ahh, okay!
[7:10] E. Asp: One video stream in SL was about what we could handle.
[7:11] Olga: You had other technical difficulties, at the beginning you announced that the audience seats would go away and the visitor avis would be animated - that did not happen did it?
[7:12] E. Asp: No, that did not happen. However, at the end we opened the stage for all to dance, and then many visiting avatars got animated to dance synchronized with us.
[7:12] E. Asp: I think one row of the seats appeared and disappeared after people were sitting, but the rest were fixed.
[7:12] Olga: However, was it planned differently?
[7:13] E. Asp: No, it worked pretty much after the plan!
[7:14] E. Asp: I think for the SL audience it got probably too long and boring, but for the RL audience it worked very well.
[7:14] E. Asp: ...people were coming and going much more, not sitting, and still waiting
[7:14] Olga: Well, then I misread your announcement, and I was a little disappointed, there was not more happening with me.
[7:15] E. Asp: Sure, but then we thought it was very nice when the stage was open to all, and people were dancing :-)
[7:15] Olga: Yes! That was very relieving, and people enjoyed it a lot!
[7:15] Olga: I was still very satisfied about the image the audience created, it made the illusion of a theatre space complete.
[7:15] E. Asp: However, the SL audience were the ones changing the appearance of the stage.
[7:16] E. Asp: The audience sitting on different scripted seats created the shifting colours and particle effects etc.
[7:16] E. Asp: So in that sense the SL audience animated the room/space in Stockholm.
[7:16] Olga: Was that planned as well?
[7:17] E. Asp: Yes, that was the stage design by Famous Zichaou
[7:17] E. Asp: We wanted the SL audience to have an active part of the performance as well.
[7:17] Olga: Cool! - What I also felt interesting is that I was able to have a totally different view onto a theatre or performance space.
[7:18] E. Asp: Yes, that is very interesting.
[7:18] E. Asp: ...and one of the possibilities of SL.
[7:19] Olga: I left my avi on the seat, became part of the image, the illusion of theatre, and then, I was cruising with my camera and looking for interesting angles of view.
[7:19] Olga: That was quite a unique experience.
[7:19] E. Asp: yes it really is!
[7:19] E. Asp: I think that is something we would want to work further with, as well!
[7:20] Olga: Are your performances all connected with some kind of theatre space and life stream?
[7:21] E. Asp: We have only had two performances so far, and both of them have been more or less connected to that, yes!
[7:21] E. Asp: In a way it is quite ironic with the theatre space since architecture in SL is only a mere image, with no function.
[7:22] E. Asp: ...just a representation of something.
[7:24] Olga: Are you in any ways interested in public issues? I mean art in SL has a very different notion than in RL.
[7:25] E. Asp: I think what is great with SL is that for example, in order to dance in a dance performance, you don't have to be a dancer. Here we can all be dancers, we all can be artists.
[7:26] E. Asp: We discussed that quite a bit, and we think that is great!
[7:27] Olga: You don't need training as a dancer that is true, but you are also caught in pre-designed movements, unless you are having sophisticated controls that are not easy to handle, either.
[7:27] E. Asp: Very true!
[7:28] E. Asp: In SL someone very good with computers, scripting and so on can be a dancer, but in RL a trained dancer is a dancer. it is a change of roles.
[7:28] Olga: Yes I agree!
[7:28] Olga: How about the audience in SL? It could be that it is quite a different audience than the normal art-goers?
[7:29] E. Asp: That is also true, but what is great with the SL audience is that they are giving very direct feedback to what we are doing.
[7:29] Olga: How about audience addressing, do you try to address a very different audience?
[7:30] E. Asp: I don't think we have considered so much who our audiences are.
[7:30] E. Asp: we started this as a school project, exploring the translation of an existing institution into SL, and then we moved on from there...
[7:31] E. Asp: ...creating our own performances and installations.
[7:31] Olga: The collaboration with pirate cinema last time caught quite some interest in a political left wing scene, how do you feel about that?
[7:32] E. Asp: I think that is great!
[7:32] E. Asp: ...bringing on a discussion.
[7:34] Olga: One might question the idea of a public in SL as such: in the big picture, it is a private company who provides the space. It is all private space, and it is a discussion of customers about customer's rights rather than a democracy. What would you think about such a statement?
[7:35] E. Asp: I would prefer not to take this to a political statement, but of course one can always question the fact that it is a privately owned space ...and what the aims are.
[7:36] E. Asp: ...and the aim of the different users.
[7:36] Olga: Okay, I understand.
[7:38] E. Asp: I think one always has to remember to be critical to public space such as internet, and people's intentions.
[7:38] Olga: Can you go on a bit more, about what you do mean with that?
[7:38] E. Asp: Anonymity is great, but also difficult...
[7:39] Olga: Did you have any problems with anonymity? of other people?
[7:40] E. Asp: Not in this project, since we have mostly worked on our own.
[7:40] Olga: In other projects, then?
[7:41] E. Asp: Sometimes people have agendas not matching the ones of your own agenda.
[7:41] Olga: Could you be a bit more specific, do you have an example?
[7:41] E. Asp: But, of course, one doesn't have to talk to people one does not like :-)
[7:42] Olga: ??
[7:43] E. Asp: Just saying that a lot of people in SL are mostly interested in sex, or selling stuff, even though in the beginning they might give an impression of wanting to discuss other things...
[7:43] E. Asp: We have been quite busy with our work though, so we have not had so much time talking to people, lately.
[7:44] E. Asp: Setting up the performance has been time-consuming, but very fun!
[7:45] Olga: Mmmh interesting, but I now have an idea of what you were talking about before.
[7:45] Olga: You are a students' collective, do you think, you will continue as MDT after you finished studies? Do you have that as a perspective?
[7:46] E. Asp: Right now, our main perspective is the cultural festival in September, but that will be after this course is finished, so we will go on and see where it leads to, in the end.
[7:46] Olga: Great - that sounds promising!
[7:46] E. Asp: We have our final critique on this project this coming Friday.
[7:47] Olga: Well I will try to have my web blog with this interview up, until then, that might add something to it ;)
[7:47] E. Asp: We just think it is really fun with feedback and the fact that people are interested, so then we don't see any reason to stop now ;-)
[7:48] E. Asp: hehehe :-)
[7:48] E. Asp: Great!
[7:48] Olga: Did you find other art projects in SL you became interested in. Are there similar activities?
[7:49] E. Asp: we have not had so much time to look for other performances yet, maybe we will get some more time for that now that the performance is over
[7:49] E. Asp: I know there was an SL ballet, but we never got to see it.
[7:50] E. Asp: I think it was a bit more SL organized, though, not blending with RL.
[7:51] E. Asp: Of course, there are dj's and music artists, but we have not been in touch with any other projects, apart from the Rocky Horror Picture Show screening.
[7:52] Olga: What do you think of a project like the MOMA in SL?
[7:52] E. Asp: I have not seen it...
[7:53] E. Asp: ...as an idea, I think it could be interesting. But I think it should reflect of how to show and how to view art in SL.
[7:54] Olga: that was my question ;)
[7:54] E. Asp: What possibilities one could have as an institution...
[7:54] E. Asp: ...a bit more interesting than seeing pictures on a wall
[7:54] E. Asp: :-)
[7:54] Olga: I totally agree!
[7:54] E. Asp: it seems quite difficult though in SL
[7:55] E. Asp: Things are very conventional, here.
[7:55] E. Asp: People seem to want an environment they can recognize.
[7:56] Olga: Yes, I feel that this is a big problem with 3-D anim anyway, it is much closer to a traditional view of reality than any other media.
[8:00] Olga: Okay, I think I am running out of questions, is there anything you would like to add about MDT? Is there anything coming up?
[8:00] E. Asp: It has been very nice talking to you!
[8:00] E. Asp: At the moment we are working on a web page...
[8:01] E. Asp: ..presenting the project, and then we will work towards the festival in September.
[8:00] Olga: It was very nice talking to you indeed!
[8:01] Olga: Well it seems I was very lucky to see the two performances, then! ;)
[8:02] E. Asp: :-)
[8:03] Olga: See you soon, you too! And good luck with the critique!
[8:03] E. Asp: thanks!

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Rocky Horror Picture Show - live streaming in SL

Interview with Heathcliff Cardiff on Friday, 2 March, 2007 . On the next day of the streaming of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at The Office.

[7:34] Olga: Hi H.! Sorry for coming in so late. Would you have some spare time?
[7:34] H. Cardiff: sure, no problem
[7:37] Olga: Could we go IM, I would like to save our conversation ;)
[7:39] H. Cardiff: no problem
[7:39] Olga: I was very interested in your project (Rocky Horror Picture Show streaming), first, it is the first art related project I have seen in SL, I like.
[7:40] Olga: Second, because it rises issues of public and private space in SL.
[7:40] Olga: But I am also interested in the technical issues.
[7:40] Olga: Do you do such events on a regular base?
[7:41] H. Cardiff: No, that was actually the first one.
[7:41] H. Cardiff: We are a class of students at the school of architecture in Stockholm
[7:42] H. Cardiff: ...and that was one of the projects that our class is doing right now.
[7:43] H. Cardiff: This is a course that will last a couple of weeks more, and then we will review the final projects
[7:42] Olga: Cool! And are you directly related to Pirate Cinema and/or Second Life Liberation Army?
[7:43] H. Cardiff: not really
[7:43] H. Cardiff is typing...
[7:43] H. Cardiff: actually I was only helping with the cinema project
[7:44] H. Cardiff: it was conceived by three girls in my class and we were a couple of people helping out.
[7:44] Olga: Okay, I will still ask you my questions, maybe you could also give me some other address, later on.
[7:44] H. Cardiff: absolutely
[7:45] Olga: Do you know if there were any special permissions asked in order to do the screenings, or has your school a direct link to SL?
[7:46] H. Cardiff: No permissions for the screening.
[7:46] H. Cardiff: And that actually caused us a big deal of trouble yesterday...
[7:47] Olga: ok go on
[7:48] H. Cardiff: The Swedish Anti Piracy Agency started to make a lot of phone calls to people at our school and people responsible for the place we did the screening in.
[7:48] H. Cardiff: threating with lawsuits an such.
[7:48] Olga: How is that what was the cause?
[7:49] H. Cardiff: I think the people at the piratecinema organization did a lot of pres release stuff and that got the attention of the anti piracy agency
[7:50] Olga: Is that a state agency, the issue copyright law?
[7:50] H. Cardiff: Absolutely not, they are trying to act like one though and that is what's scary about them.
[7:51] H. Cardiff: they are a private organization funded by the record/movie/software industry and their organizations.
[7:52] Olga: Okay! But you did not even show the movie on the screen in SL it was only the audience!
[7:52] H. Cardiff: Yeah, at first.
[7:52] H. Cardiff: That was not the intention, but people got scared because of the threats.
[7:53] H. Cardiff: We later turned the camera around though, and the movie was shown.
[7:54] Olga: Ah, I did not see that, my Quicklime connection did not work at that time any more!
[7:54] Olga: But I was wondering, it would have been only half of the fun seeing only the audience.
[7:54] H. Cardiff: Of course...
[7:55] Olga: Okay, but you did not have any issues with SL owners, the Lindens.
[7:55] H. Cardiff: None at all, actually.
[7:56] H. Cardiff: I don't know what their policy in this issues is.
[7:56] Olga: Do you have special permissions on your land to do heavy stuff, it must be a big server load.
[7:56] Olga: I think they are concerned about traffic and lag.
[7:57] H. Cardiff: Yes, this island is owned by Kapital Metropolitan, who is the professor of this course at our school.
[7:57] Olga: And he got special permissions for experiments?
[7:58] H. Cardiff: No, but as a land owner you are permitted to set up video/audio streams, and you can set permissions for how many avatars can visit your island
[7:59] H. Cardiff: it's tricky to set up more than one stream at a time though.
[7:59] Olga: Has there been more than one? I only saw the big screen.
[8:00] H. Cardiff: No, there was only one.
[8:00] H. Cardiff: The optimal solution would be one stream of the movie and an other one of the audience.
[8:00] H. Cardiff: But we were only able to get one stream working
[8:01] Olga: OK. But the online streaming is something anybody can do who owns land and has access to a streaming server.
[8:01] H. Cardiff: that is correct
[8:01] Olga: And the event at the Office was also shown in the cinema?
[8:02] H. Cardiff: Yes, we had a room set up with six projectors...
[8:02] H. Cardiff: ...one showing the movie and five the theatre in SL.
[8:02] H. Cardiff: Your conversation with me was actually shown on one of the walls :)
[8:03] Olga: You had several avis looking at the show?
[8:03] H. Cardiff: Yes
[8:03] Olga: Ohh! great!
[8:03] Olga: Did you have any responses from ppl in the cinema?
[8:04] H. Cardiff: To some extent yes, but people in RL were mostly concerned with the movie.
[8:04] H. Cardiff: I think we were about ten to fifteen people online with notebooks in the room, though.
[8:05] Olga: But the projections where all in the same space?
[8:05] H. Cardiff: Yes
[8:05] Olga: sorry about my English!
[8:05] H. Cardiff: no problem :)
[8:06] Olga: The Second Life Liberation Army made it public in SL - what is your relation with those guys?
[8:07] H. Cardiff: I think that one of our teachers (W. B.) is a member and also a part of the "PiratbyrÄn" network who amongst other stuff run "The Pirate Bay"
[8:08] Olga: Okay, I will check that one out!
[8:09] H. Cardiff: And also Piratbion, with whom the screening was a collaboration, is connected to those organizations as well.
[8:09] H. Cardiff: ...I don't know a lot about the SLLA though.
[8:09] Olga: Did you have any political goals with your event, or was it just for fun?
[8:10] H. Cardiff: The people in my class responsible for it did not have any political goals
[8:10] H. Cardiff: ...the people they collaborated with did, I think.
[8:10] H. Cardiff: Personally, I think it's great that the event got the political attention it got.
[8:11] H. Cardiff: But it wasn't really my project :)
[8:11] Olga: What goals would those people have to support such event, do you think?
[8:12] H. Cardiff: They are basically against the idea of intellectual property.
[8:13] H. Cardiff: They are also interested in the Internet as a platform for new ways to interact and distribute information.
[8:13] H. Cardiff: But you'll have to ask them, I guess.
[8:13] Olga: I understand, the movie Rocky Horror Picture Show is being promoted as public commons!
[8:13] H. Cardiff: Their website is www.piratbyran.org
[8:13] H. Cardiff: ...it's in Swedish, I'm afraid.
[8:13] Olga: -/- Okay, this might be more related to you as an architect student as well:
[8:15] Olga: Would you agree that the issues of public/private space in SL are weird. And very much related to a S. Californian dream of freedom. Everything is privately owned, that is.
[8:15] H. Cardiff: True, I think this has less to do with ideology and more to do with making money.
[8:16] H. Cardiff: Private property can be taxed by linden lab
[8:17] H. Cardiff: I mean, for example they could easily make it possible to stream to objects instead of land. But if no one bought land, Lindenlab wouldn't make money.
[8:19] Olga: Go on...
[8:19] H. Cardiff: Then of course, there is the ideology among the inhabitants of SL and that seems to be highly reflective of these "MTV cribs"-like ideals.
[8:19] Olga: Yes, I agree. (I wrote this earlier:) Okay, there is tax, but more fundamentally, almost every land that has a function is privately owned by someone. Streets are only decoration, nobody uses them.
[8:20] Olga: Has there been any discussion in your group about public commons in the architecture of SL?
[8:21] H. Cardiff: Not a lot i think, although there are some people working on some kind of alternative way of organizing the grid I think.
[8:21] H. Cardiff: But I don't really know a lot about that project.
[8:22] H. Cardiff: Most people seem to be interested in the border between RL/SL as in the screening yesterday.
[8:23] H. Cardiff: And others are trying to test how architecture works in a world were "architecture" is unwanted.
[8:23] Olga: Yes, I agree. However, the actual experience of that bridging was quite limited, in my opinion.
[8:23] H. Cardiff: Very, I totally agree.
[8:24] H. Cardiff: Yes, in SL, people spend most of their time caring for their avatar, I think.
[8:25] H. Cardiff: Mostly because of the third person perspective.
[8:26] H. Cardiff: Because the camera is 20 meters behind you, the traditional "room" doesn't work
[8:25] Olga: Well, there is also: Sex and the illusion to create money easily.
[8:26] H. Cardiff: Yes, that's really interesting.
[8:26] H. Cardiff: Sex and gambling is what most people in SL seems to be doing
[8:27] Olga: I would like to go back to that: Do you generally try to address the public in SL, and how do you do that.
[8:28] H. Cardiff: I didn't take any...
[8:28] H. Cardiff: Well, this structure we are sitting in right now is an attempt at creating some kind of public space.
[8:28] Olga: So, this is your project!? I am glad we can talk about that.
[8:30] H. Cardiff: Sure, it's supposed to be interactive, architecture as an animated object, almost a living thing.
[8:30] H. Cardiff: But there is a lot of scripting involved in creating an object like that.
[8:30] H. Cardiff: And at the moment it only lights up, when it detects your presence...
[8:30] Olga: Tell me more about it, please.
[8:30] Olga: ...Maybe more about the concept.
[8:32] H. Cardiff: Basically it will sense your presence when you approach it. Either trying to approach you by moving towards you, or moving away from you.
[8:33] H. Cardiff: That will be determined by your approach to the object.
[8:33] Olga: And the offer it gives is basically to sit on it?
[8:33] H. Cardiff: Yes.
[8:33] H. Cardiff: Like a dog, it will get scared if you would leap at it.
[8:34] Olga: Would you, as a spectator, be able to do anything with it?
[8:34] H. Cardiff: Not sure, I would like to give it a memory, so that it would remember people who had visited it.
[8:35] H. Cardiff: Perhaps even missing, you if you've been around a lot and then disappeard.
[8:35] Olga: If I look at it over critically, I could say it is a nice party gigg. What in your concept makes it more than that?
[8:36] H. Cardiff: That's true, and it is in no way any revolution.
[8:37] H. Cardiff: In a way it aims at attracting avatars by being pretty.
[8:37] Olga: I am not talking revolutionary politics here!
[8:37] H. Cardiff: I know :)
[8:38] Olga: Would you be able to put them in other places. Like secret architecture?
[8:39] H. Cardiff: Possibly, if you had a of-world memory. Like a database connected to a web page, only one item would have to be passed along to others.
[8:40] Olga: Mmh, I am not clear if I understand that!?
[8:41] H. Cardiff: You would the copy it into the number of objects you would like. And everything else, like the objects position - 3d-shape, and behavior could be fetched from a collective memory.
[8:42] H. Cardiff: ...if i changed this structure i could in short change others on other sims.
[8:42] H. Cardiff: ...and avatars known to this one would be known to others
[8:42] Olga: Okay, I understand, the same what they call symbols and instnaces in Flash anim?
[8:43] H. Cardiff: Yes, that's it.
[8:43] Olga: Going back to that: you told me before, this is a project for a public space. In which ways do you address needs and qualities for a public space?
[8:43] H. Cardiff: The one factor in SL that attracts people, it seems to me, is other people.
[8:44] Olga: True, very true.
[8:44] H. Cardiff: Since we've been sitting here, for example, there have been a couple of people stopping by, asking questions.
[8:45] Olga: ;)
[8:45] H. Cardiff: If we would have started to talk to them they would have stayed.
[8:45] H. Cardiff: This structure is a platform for that kind of activity.
[8:45] Olga: Mmmmh, I like that very simple concept of the public.
[8:46] H. Cardiff: Like most other places in SL its a blinged out chartroom.
[8:46] Olga: A chartroom in a chartroom....
[8:46] H. Cardiff: yes.
[8:46] H. Cardiff: The interactive stuff is simply things I am interested in :)
[8:47] Olga: Okay, I think I am running out of questions and time ;)
[8:47] Olga: It was very nice meeting you!
[8:47] H. Cardiff: Well it has been very nice taking with you too.
[8:50] Olga: Would you agree if I would post our conversation on a blog? I will take out all private info like email address etc.
[8:51] Olga: It is something I am just starting to do, so there is not much publicity to it, yet.
[8:54] H. Cardiff: No problem
[8:54] H. Cardiff: I sent you the two images I had.
[8:56] Olga: Well I thank you for the pics and the conversation,
[8:56] H. Cardiff: You are welcome!
[8:59] Olga: Good night, then!
[8:59] H. Cardiff: Goodnight.
[8:59] H. Cardiff: and take care.
[9:00] Olga: ;) thanks!

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